Gritting update for tonight

Proposal for 29 October 2013

Afternoon gritting decisions

West area (Domain B and C) – No action

East area (Domain A and D) – No action

Highways Agency * (M3, M23, M25, A3) – No action

Road surface temperatures are rapidly dropping this evening due to dry clear spells. Our current expectations are that temperatures will not fall below zero but this requires monitoring.

24hr forecast for Surrey issued at 12:00 hrs today – valid until 30 October at noon

Wind – 7.8 mph (average)

Ice / Hoar Frost – None

Snow – None

24 Hour Weather Summary:

Spells of sunshine this afternoon but also a risk of one or two isolated showers. Dry by this evening and staying dry through the night with long clear spells and just a light westerly breeze. Feeling chilly and road surface temperatures will fall away in places, possibly becoming marginal in the coldest spots, but they will hold above zero everywhere. Dry and bright tomorrow morning with plenty of sunshine and road surface temperatures quickly recovering.

Minimum Air Temperature +2.5 C
Minimum Road Surface Temperature +1 C

Current road surface temperature highs at our weather station in Botley Hill is +20.0 C, and lows of +9.6 C in Croydon Road (M25)

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*Please note that all information on these routes are provided by the Highways Agency and are correct, to our knowledge, at the time of sending this email. For further information, please contact the Highways Agency on 0300 123 5000 or visit theirwebsite

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