Monthly Archives: November 2013

Horsell sign recovered

In case anybody has noticed the sign at the Horsell Birch end of the High Street is missing. The poles that hold it up have corroded though and the sign fell over. The stop the sign being stolen for its metal content Woking Borough Council have removed it from the site. It is being repaired or replaced and will be resited soon.

Well Lane, Lockfield Road Junction

Much conversation and monitoring has gone on since this junction was modified. I think everybody will agree that the new layout of the road coming away from Woking is much improved and has sorted a lot of the near accidents that the two lanes caused. The side of the road travelling towards Woking is a different story. Many have felt that the left hand filter lane has meant that more cars are cutting down the inside and then cutting back in. The other effect is the traffic build up towards Harelands roundabout. Concerns have now been raised by Surrey police and the layout has been reviewed by the Road Safety Working Group. It has been decided even with the modifications on the Woking bound carriageway there are still problems at the junction, and because the possibility of accidents at the roundabout caused by the traffic at peak times , so the Woking bound side will be reverted to two normal lane. This work will be carried out in the near future.

WWF engage with the Horsell community

Beryl Hunwicks and I  have been down to WWF this morning to confirm their commitment to engage with the local community. Their immediate neighbours have already been invited and all but two have excepted, to met the MD and have a tour of the excellent facilities available at The Living Planet Centre. The other neighbours have had a hand delivered letter to confirm they will be invited before Christmas. They also showed interest in what else is happening with Horsell and they were particularly  interested in our Christmas fair, so watch out kids you might meet a panda as well as Father Christmas this year (watch this space for more details). They are still working long hours to get their new operation up and running but they are already showing their commitment to Horsell and Woking community and I for one look forward to a long and friendly relationship.