Police Ride Along

On Friday 20th December I had the privilege of riding along with PC Rebecca Holder and PC Matt Hart two of out community officers for Woking. There (our) evening started at 6pm at their base within WBC office’s, catching up on all the day’s information from the area, what warrants had been issued and who was being looked for and what crimes had been committed etc. After they had accumulated all this information we had a briefing from the sergeant and then hit the road. When they are not responding to the publics call for assistance they are patrolling out neighbourhoods and keeping them safe. We patrolled shops and car parks throughout Woking from Horsell to Brookwood round to Pyrford and West Byfleet and all points in-between.  We often stopped and got out of the vehicles talking to the young and not so young, making sure everybody was safe and not doing anything they should not be. After five and a half hours of this we returned to base for a quick lunch break and the focus changed to the Town centre where we joined the other officers on foot patrol. For the next three hours we patrolled the town centre talking to club door staff, break up a few heated arguments before they became full fights, talking to a couple of homeless young people. The whole evenings purpose was about prevention, being seen and intervening before it gets out of hand. I was impressed with the level of communication between the Police, the Street Angels and the door staff. When you get a mix of alcohol and groups of people in high spirits there will always be flash points ,its human nature but they do a great job of trying to be at the right place at the right time.

So next time you are out and about perhaps drinking and having a good time or just on your way home, remember our local Police force are real people with homes and family’s who are putting themselves on the front line to keep our streets safe, so smile say hello and join me in wishing them all a Marry Christmas and a very safe and Happy New Year.

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