Queen Elizibeth Gardens update

Horsell residents will be aware that work is well under way on the extension to Horsell Village Hall the building of a new Scout Hut and a new car park for people using these facilities as well as the landscaping of the surrounding area which has been amended after four local ladies raised a petition for the removal of the now famous but disappearing mound. I would like to take this opportunity to thank WBC and its officersfor the time, effort and money they have spent on Horsell, enhancing the facilities for our community.

As part of this development there is going to be an hard standing play area (muga) to the rear of the Scout hut. I met with some residents over Saturday and Sunday who have some concerns about this hard standings location. They feel that because of its location behind the scout hut it will attract the wrong type of people and as a result local mums will not let their children and teenagers play there.

My personnel view (which I have communicated to the residents in question) is that the children and youth of horsell deserve what ever facilities we can give them and I don’t see why the majority should be denied because of the minority. I believe the more public we make an area with public foot paths and play areas we will drive the undesirables away, and I am happy to work with the residents of horsell defending our facilities.

This is not about money, WBC have won a grant from the London Marathon Charitable Trust for the muga.

Let me have your feedback,

Do your think we need a hard standing play area

Mums will you let your children and teenagers play there.

3 responses to “Queen Elizibeth Gardens update

  1. I think everyone wants to provide for our children. But why put a muga next to a footpath that local kids are afraid to use, and hidden away where there is no public view. I’d want my children to play in a safe area where there are plenty of eyes watching.

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