Horsell Junior School realise their dream

old pool

New Pool

Everybody know the importance of swimming for children, both from the point of view of safety as well  as exercise. So Horsell Junior School decided to refurbish their pool so instead of the children being able to use it for perhaps 6 weeks of the year it would become an all year round asset for the school.

The target was about £65,000 to refurbish the sides to put an all weather cover on the pool and build a shower block and changing rooms. The school with the help of the PTA organised events and raised over £20,000. Mean while the school office  were applying for lots of grants to fill the gap. They decided to apply to Surrey County Council’s community improvement fund which is where I became involved,  I helped them to form the bid so it would show the benefit to the whole of the community and I am pleased to say they were awarded £40,000 to help them realise their dream and the project should be completed before the this summer.

This will not only give the children at the junior school access to swimming all year round and I am sure the younger childen village school will have access as well, thats without the benefit to the community as a whole as the pool will be available to rent after school hours and on Saturdays for community groups, so a win win for Horsell.


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