Update on Brewery road flooding

Brewery Road Wet Spots.

As we all know, the area on Brewery Road around the Pedestrian crossing and entrance to the car park has been a long standing problem. I have been involved in meetings over the last six months to get to the put of the problem.

It seems that the underground rain water drainage in that area does not drain away efficiently due to either a blockage, collapsed pipe or roots. There has been some attempts in the past to flush it through but it seems the problem may lie under private property. So after meeting with all parties involved it was decided the best way forward was to carry out a CCTV mapping of the system to find flow direction and where the blockage is. I am pleased to report that I have now secured funding for a full clearing  CCTV mapping of the system. This should take place over the next 4-6 weeks, then we can work out the next steps

I know this is long overdue but at least thanks to my persistence we are at last making progress. I will keep on the case and let you have updates as I receive them.

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