Well Lane Update

The information below is not an official release from SCC but put together from information I have gained and conversations I have been involved in.

Well Lane The story so far and what’s next.

Well Lane, unlike other roads completed under project Horizon, was always a rebuild and not just a surface so was always going to be a big job. Although surveys were carried out beforehand, once the top layer was removed it soon became apparent that the structure underneath the road was very poor. An onsite recycling process was to be used, adding lime and PFA to stabilise and bind the underlying material to form a stable base. This is a known process used throughout the country and  is environmentally friendly because you don’t remove material from site and is also a lot quicker.

However, this is where the problems started, other than the famous new water feature which was caused by a machine hitting a water main tender, the contractors machines have not damaged any other utility services, all the damage has been caused by a mixture of heavy machines, very weak and waterlogged ground under the road and old utility services. So although the plan was to finish before the weekend by Thursday 17th April (lunch time) it was clear this was not going to happen.

I got fully involved on Good Friday, when a sewer leak which had been cleared on Thursday reappeared. It soon became clear that there was a major blockage at the Well Close end of the road and a tanker was called in to clear the sewage and stay on station to keep it clear. While I was on site on Monday with the Thames Water engineers we noticed the cracks appearing around the man hole opposite Well Close and it was decided to fence the area off. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Thames Water team and their contractors and the Surrey emergency call out team who worked with me throughout the weekend to keep the site safe and minimise the inconvenience to the residents.

What’s Next

All water leaks on site have now been fixed.

All parties met on Tuesday to discuss the best way to move forward, Thames Water are going to deal with the collapsed drain between Well Close and the Roundabout. Residents have told me over the weekend that this is a long standing problem, so let’s hope we can cure this once and for all. The collapse of the ground and the pathway around the drain will be fully investigated and cured , I believe that this was done 2-3 years ago – let’s try and do it properly this time. Unfortunately this end of Well Lane will be close until we know that the road is safe to drive on. Thames Water will start work on 24/04/2014 and the work could take up to 10 days depending on what is needed.

Most of the heavy machines will be removed from site and we will repair the road in small sections staring at the Lockfield Drive end, taking away the surface material, recycling it off site then returning it and relaying it will then be sealed, they will then lay a top surface over the whole road. This way we can hopefully strengthen the road and give us a long lasting surface without damaging any further utilities but it will take a bit longer to complete. Because they now need lorries and different machines this work should start on Friday but at the latest Monday and should take 5-7 working days.

After the work has been completed we will make sure all gullies etc are clear of any building materials and flowing correctly. I will try and keep you updated as we progress but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call.

Email Colin.kemp@surreycc.gov.uk

Phone 07889 289177

Twitter @colinkemp10


2014-04-22 09.09.24

2014-04-22 09.09.53


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