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Well Lane update 26/05/14

Update from Thames Water on the Sewer Repairs as of Friday 23/5/14,

The base of the new manhole has been laid and connected, this mean that the tanker is nor longer required 24/7 and has been stood down. The dewatering pump that is working next to the hole is still required until the hole has been backfilled. They now need other utility companies on site to check their cables and pipes as the back fill is carried behind the support sheets Thames Water have in place. This should be done on Tuesday then Thames can continue their work building up the manhole. Once this has been completed Thames will arrange to have the sewer in Well Lane cleaned through to make sure no residue from the works and collapse are in the system.

Election Thank You’s

Just recovering from a busy election week but I would like to say some public thank you’s,

First: To Ann-Marie who has been a very active councillor in Horsell West, I would like to thank her as a resident for all her hard work. It shows the level of respect and support she has in Horsell West, her 1003 votes would have won 9 of the 12 seats that were contested last Thursday so thank you and good luck for the future I am sure you will keep me on my toes.

Second: Thank to the residents of Horsell a 45.75% turnout is great, the second highest in Woking and this shows the community spirit is alive in Horsell West and how much you care about what happens in your village.

Third: For your support for me over 1200 votes the second highest amount in Woking. I have enjoyed meeting many of you as your County Councillor in the last year and tried to be very active. Although I am unable to cure all of your problems, I will always listen and give you a voice and I will continue to do that at WBC as well as SCC

And last but not least to Cllr Hunwicks and Cllr Branagan for their hard work and support throughout the last year and this election. I know many of you know them both and I am proud to be part of a hard working team of councillors. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish Cllr Branagan a great year as Mayor of Woking.

Lastly don’t forget we hold a Surgery in the Red Lion on the first Saturday of the every month at 11.00am so come and say hello and tell us what’s on your mind.

Well Lane 20/05/14

Firstly an apology, today was only a site visit and the drive way cleaning etc for the lower section of Well Lane will done be done shortly I will keep you updated.

Thames water now seem to be at the bottom of the hole but they still have 2-3 weeks more work to do but at least they now seem to be winning.

I had the pile of Tar removed from outside the chip shop today and the path way should be finished tomorrow.

I have ask the contractors to do something about the dust at the top end of the road, it seems solid underneath so either sweep it or seal it.

Once Thames have finished the contractors will return and finish the road then the white lines will be done for the whole road and as long as there are no public objections to the speed humps they should be laid soon after.

Well Lane 17/5

As many of you would have already seen we have a nice new surface on the first half of Well lane the contractors left site on Thursday and will return to do the second half as soon as Thames Water have finished.

When the contractors left they took there road closed signs and Thames Water were suppose to put there on traffic management in place on Friday, as some of you reported to me last night this did not happen and we had a large lorry stuck by the hip shop. In trying to turn this lorry damaged one of cone new kerb stones that were put in by the chip shop, this will be replaced. I organised a Surrey team to come out last night and put some signs up until Thames get organised.

On Tuesday during the day a team will come along the first section to do some cleaning, if your driveway or car needs doing please either send me your house number or leave a note on your door for them.

Well Lane 14/05

Sorry for late update but having a busy week at work.
Anyway as you can see the first stage of the resurfacing has gone well. This process gives then a level and tomorrow they will put the final layer on. I am still pushing for the speed humps to be reinstated as soon as possible, I have already seen a young lad in a car racing up the road this evening.

So hopefully this long process will be over soon for some of the residents of Well Lane, I am afraid for the residents at the top of the road and roads adjoining to it there is still a problem. Thames are still working on the hole but the sewer remains blocked for us all. I am keeping on the case to make sure the sewer system is repaired as quick as possible but also that it is properly repaired. I will give you updates on this as I find out and I will keep an eye on progress to make sure the road is resurfaced as soon as they have finished.

Well Lane 09/05/14

After checking with the met forecast at 4.30pm it was decided to cancel tomorrow’s surfacing of Well Lane as we are due some heaven rain. As I mentioned on previous posts the decision had to be taken early because the material has to be preordered. It looks like the rain is here for a few days and it may be Wednesday before it breaks but I will let you know when I hear more

Well Lane 8/5/14

Good evening all sorry for the delay.

Ok as you have seen most of the machinery has now gone,the surface is ready for its tarmac level, all of the iron work has been sorted up to the chip shop. There is a small water leak near Bridge Close, but Affinity has assessed and this should be fixed quickly. I have raised my concerns about the strength and age of the water system but I am assured that this process has just found some weaknesses, time will tell.

The earliest we could organise a team to resurface this half of the road is Saturday am but this is subject to weather, again they can lay in light showers but not in heaven rain. A decision will be made tomorrow because the material has to be ordered and pre mixed, so I will update you tomorrow evening.

Once the first half of Well lane is done we will organise car wash and drive cleaning etc but more on that when we get a break in the weather and get the tarmac down

The top half is still a work in progress, Thames are progressing but still lots of work to do.

Well Lane update 06/05/14

Work has progressed well today almost up to St Mary,s. Tomorrow they will finish this section and do some remedial work and tidying up around the iron work. Another team will be on hand to finish levelling the iron work and finish the kerb stones. Then either Friday or Saturday this section of the road will be have its final tarmac top layer, I will confirm the day as soon as I know.
The Well Lane beyond St Mary,s can not be done until Thames have finished because all the cars in Holyoak and Well Close would be blocked in for the day (not. Good).
I am still pushing Thames through SCC street works team but I am also keen that we make sure all the problems with the drainage are fixed. I will keep you updated as I hear news but don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Well Lane 02/05/14

Another day and a bit more road done. The contractors did agree to work the weekend but because the residents who live on the section being worked on would not be able to access there drives it was decided to give the residents a rest from works over the bank holiday weekend. Thames Water did agree to work tomorrow but I could not confirm that as they left site before I got home but I will walk up tomorrow and see what’s going on.
The tanker will still be on duty as the sewage drains are still blocked.
I will be about all weekend but my next update will not be until Monday night after I have checked the weather and spoken to the contractor about plans for Tuesday.
Hope you all have a good weekend

Well Lane 01/05/14

As predicted the weather today stopped the resurfacing although some more of the iron work has been reinstated. Thames Water and other utility companies are still working in the hole but still lots to be done.
Tomorrow the weather looks good so it’s all systems go, they should get the section between Well Path and Abby Road done, if you live in this section you may not be able to access your drive during the day but the new section can not be driven on until it’s sealed which should be done at the latter part of the day.
Also the kerb stones by the chip shop should be done tomorrow.
I will be about tomorrow afternoon if anybody has any questiions.