Well Lane 20/05/14

Firstly an apology, today was only a site visit and the drive way cleaning etc for the lower section of Well Lane will done be done shortly I will keep you updated.

Thames water now seem to be at the bottom of the hole but they still have 2-3 weeks more work to do but at least they now seem to be winning.

I had the pile of Tar removed from outside the chip shop today and the path way should be finished tomorrow.

I have ask the contractors to do something about the dust at the top end of the road, it seems solid underneath so either sweep it or seal it.

Once Thames have finished the contractors will return and finish the road then the white lines will be done for the whole road and as long as there are no public objections to the speed humps they should be laid soon after.

4 responses to “Well Lane 20/05/14

  1. Anonymous Horsell Resident

    Please – no speed humps. The old ones were way too severe.

    • you are correct they are now not allowed, the new ones will be the square cushion type. i believe we need some speed restriction as people already go to fast on this cut through

  2. local resident

    The squeare cushion type are quite inappropriate for roads where there is kerbside parking. The argument that they are best for buses, emergency vehicles etc. does not apply when vehicles have to drive down the middle of the road with wheels bouncing off the speed cushions in both lanes.

    I do not believe that speed humps are required at all, most times there are so many parked vehicles the road is reduced to a single central lane and it is impossible to drive more than a few metres without having to stop or pull in.

    • The cushions are the only ones that can be used at the moment and residents of Well Lane are already worried about any delay before the humps are installed. Having said that the humps will go to public consultation so you can have your say then

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