Election Thank You’s

Just recovering from a busy election week but I would like to say some public thank you’s,

First: To Ann-Marie who has been a very active councillor in Horsell West, I would like to thank her as a resident for all her hard work. It shows the level of respect and support she has in Horsell West, her 1003 votes would have won 9 of the 12 seats that were contested last Thursday so thank you and good luck for the future I am sure you will keep me on my toes.

Second: Thank to the residents of Horsell a 45.75% turnout is great, the second highest in Woking and this shows the community spirit is alive in Horsell West and how much you care about what happens in your village.

Third: For your support for me over 1200 votes the second highest amount in Woking. I have enjoyed meeting many of you as your County Councillor in the last year and tried to be very active. Although I am unable to cure all of your problems, I will always listen and give you a voice and I will continue to do that at WBC as well as SCC

And last but not least to Cllr Hunwicks and Cllr Branagan for their hard work and support throughout the last year and this election. I know many of you know them both and I am proud to be part of a hard working team of councillors. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish Cllr Branagan a great year as Mayor of Woking.

Lastly don’t forget we hold a Surgery in the Red Lion on the first Saturday of the every month at 11.00am so come and say hello and tell us what’s on your mind.

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