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Questions over last nights work in Well Lane.

There has been some questions raised over last night work in Well Lane.

Why last night? It seems that tarmac contractors are booked a long time in advance and I was pushing for the top surface to go down as soon as possible, so it was finding the lesser of the evils. It could be done on a week day evening, a Saturday or a Sunday or a Friday evening, either option is going to inconvenience somebody. As a parent if your kids are going to be up a little later then better Friday than a school night, and I believe it’s better than disturbing the residents weekend. I drove by about 10.40 last night and other than the traffic management team clearing up, the work had been finished.
So this was not for the convenience of the contractors they had finished another job in the county the came over here.
The job started on the 2nd of April and was due to last for 10 days (Although still unacceptable) is 2 months overdue and not 3 as claimed.

The earlier problems with dust etc was due to Surrey,s contractors but a large part of the time delay has been due to circumstances outside of Surrey,s control. Other than getting the speed humps done as soon as possible, my next job is compensation for the residents and businesses,
First cleaning and I will get on to that Monday morning and keep you updated. I speak to Brian in Horsell Fish and Chips almost every other day and he knows I am working on his behalf and I will do the same for the residents. I strongly believe that although this is not all Surrey,s fault it is their site and they should be the grow ups and deal with their residents and then reclaim from Thames etc afterwards, and I have told them so, will I win? I don’t know but believe me I will have the argument on your behalf.

Well Lane update 26th June

Due to very busy schedules together with the need to complete the works as soon as possible, the final stretch of tarmac will be laid Friday late afternoon early evening, this is subject to weather. All residents of Well Lane and ajoining roads should have had a letter. They will keep access to the chip shop although you may be better getting there via St Mary’s. The whole operation should take about 4 Hours and you will be able to drive carefully on the surface within a few minutes of it being laid.
The speed humps will be delayed a couple of weeks as there has been one objection which has to go through due process and I will keep you updated on this.

Well Lane 13/06/14

Hi all sorry for the delay but I have been doing some chasing around.

Thames Water have left site but have not finished the holes they have dug but it seems they think they have finished. So I have convinced Surrey that they need to finish the holes and worry about recharging later but we need to get the road done.

So there is a Surrey team on site replacing and relaying the kerbs and pathways etc, Thames contractors are on site Monday to reline sewer pipe towards the roundabout at the top of Well Lane this should take 2-3 days. then Surreys contractors will be back on site to finish the road. They will have a machine to take of the top surface and load on to Lorries who will take the materials away. The lorries will then return to site with recycled material to relay the road this will be done in short sections and take about 3 days. once this is completed the rest of the road will have its top surface done.

I will confirm the starting date next week but remember during the process to allow time for journeys because there will be lorries and equipment blocking the road, they will let you out but it could take a 5-10 minutes.

Once the road is completed we will organise some cleaning.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

Well Lane Update 04/06/14

Many of you would have seen that Well Lane is again a through road, so I think an update is needed.

Thames have finished their repairs in the large hole, they have back filled most of the hole but they are waiting for supervision from power electric before back filling the last section that will be under the pavement. I am informed that this should be done either tomorrow or Friday.

The new lamp post has been removed near the chip shop and so this section of the drain can now be repaired again this should be done before the weekend.

If all this goes to plan the road will resurfaced early next week but letters will be put through doors when this has been confirmed. The only thing that could put a spanner in the works is the top section near the roundabout, over the next couple of days this area will be investigated to make sure that the ground under the road is stable and no further sinkage will occur.

Well Lane Speed Humps



The speed humps for Well lane have gone to public consultation in the Woking News and Mail this week (follow the above link for a plan). I did not see the need for a public consultation as they were only replacing the old ones with the new type but legal disagreed, I did gain one concession that the consultation was only for 3 weeks so the it will last until 19th June then we should get our new humps (subject to there being no objections). As soon as this has been sorted I will push for them to be installed as soon as possible.




Well Lane Update 01/06/14

Firstly I have had a few comments about the condition of the temporary surface at the top end of Well Lane, which is starting to get some large ruts in it. I did try and get the contractors out on Friday but I was unsuccessful, however they will be on site on Monday to fill in some of those holes.

Thames are doing well with their repairs they are waiting for BT to come and reinsulate their cables that run through the holes then we should be on the final stage of back filling.

I still have some concerns with the top section of the road, Thames are going to reline this section of pipe but if you look at the dip in the road and the pavement I believe there is an underlying problem that should at lease be dug up and investigated, so it does not collapse after the road has been laid. I am still in conversation on this and I will keep you updated on progress.

As soon as work is finished the contractors will be back on site to finish the road and if all goes to plan that may even be next week.