Well Lane 13/06/14

Hi all sorry for the delay but I have been doing some chasing around.

Thames Water have left site but have not finished the holes they have dug but it seems they think they have finished. So I have convinced Surrey that they need to finish the holes and worry about recharging later but we need to get the road done.

So there is a Surrey team on site replacing and relaying the kerbs and pathways etc, Thames contractors are on site Monday to reline sewer pipe towards the roundabout at the top of Well Lane this should take 2-3 days. then Surreys contractors will be back on site to finish the road. They will have a machine to take of the top surface and load on to Lorries who will take the materials away. The lorries will then return to site with recycled material to relay the road this will be done in short sections and take about 3 days. once this is completed the rest of the road will have its top surface done.

I will confirm the starting date next week but remember during the process to allow time for journeys because there will be lorries and equipment blocking the road, they will let you out but it could take a 5-10 minutes.

Once the road is completed we will organise some cleaning.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

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