Questions over last nights work in Well Lane.

There has been some questions raised over last night work in Well Lane.

Why last night? It seems that tarmac contractors are booked a long time in advance and I was pushing for the top surface to go down as soon as possible, so it was finding the lesser of the evils. It could be done on a week day evening, a Saturday or a Sunday or a Friday evening, either option is going to inconvenience somebody. As a parent if your kids are going to be up a little later then better Friday than a school night, and I believe it’s better than disturbing the residents weekend. I drove by about 10.40 last night and other than the traffic management team clearing up, the work had been finished.
So this was not for the convenience of the contractors they had finished another job in the county the came over here.
The job started on the 2nd of April and was due to last for 10 days (Although still unacceptable) is 2 months overdue and not 3 as claimed.

The earlier problems with dust etc was due to Surrey,s contractors but a large part of the time delay has been due to circumstances outside of Surrey,s control. Other than getting the speed humps done as soon as possible, my next job is compensation for the residents and businesses,
First cleaning and I will get on to that Monday morning and keep you updated. I speak to Brian in Horsell Fish and Chips almost every other day and he knows I am working on his behalf and I will do the same for the residents. I strongly believe that although this is not all Surrey,s fault it is their site and they should be the grow ups and deal with their residents and then reclaim from Thames etc afterwards, and I have told them so, will I win? I don’t know but believe me I will have the argument on your behalf.

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