Evening update 28th February 2018

All the priority one (P1) routes were treated from 2pm  ahead of the evening rush hour, we are expecting snow showers throughout the night and road temperatures again are expected to be -8. Because of the extreme low temperatures we plan to start operations again from 3am so that all P1 routes can again be done ahead of the morning rush hour. SCC staff will be backing up kier staff because we must also be mindful of drivers hours.  

You may have also noticed that the amount of grit we are putting down is double the normal application, from 8-10 grams per square meter to 20 grams per square meter, this is because of the severe conditions.

Spreading salt will not make the snow disappear and produce a clear black top, the grit will be on the road surface under the snow, when the treated road is driven on the grit will react and create a clear path, it will also help to stop the surface freezing, unlike a untreated road where the snow will compact and freeze.

Drivers must beware the grit is not magic there may still be ice on places, stick to the main roads, be patient and leave plenty of space to other vehicles.

I will update you in the morning.


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