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Even thought the snow has gone the work continues

Afternoon gritting decision for 20 March 2018 – action on priority one routes at 7pm

Domain A – 8 grams per square metre, 19:00 on all priority 1 routes
Domain B – 8 grams per square metre, 19:00 on all priority 1 routes
Domain C – 8 grams per square metre, 19:00 on all priority 1 routes
Domain D – 8 grams per square metre, 19:00 on all priority 1 routes and priority 1 high routes

Domain A: North Surrey – Elmbridge and Spelthorne Domain B: North West Surrey – Runnymede, Surrey Heath and Woking
Domain C: South West Surrey – Guildford and Waverley Domain D: East  Surrey  Epsom  & Ewell, Mole Valley, Reigate & Banstead and Tandridge

Highways England* (M3, A3) – no information available at the time of issuing this update.
36hr weather forecast
Cloudy at first with a few spots of rain in places that will steadily diminish. Brightening up from the northeast through the morning with some good spells of sunshine expected. Light winds. Milder.
Partly cloudy skies and light winds are expected for much of this evening and overnight, permitting a frost and some shallow and patchy freezing fog.
Chilly at first on Wednesday. Early bright spells will become increasingly confined to the east as cloud steadily thickens from the west through the day. Staying dry. Feeling mild despite the freshening breeze.
Road surface temperatures will fall away in long clear spells tonight. High confidence.

Comments: Action required across all priority one routes at 19:00 – 8 grams per square metre pre-wet based on high loss to mitigate any ice or hoar frost forecast through the night.

Minimum Road Surface Temperature -2°C
Minimum Air Temperature -2.7°C

Current road surface temperature highs at our weather station in A29 Adversane is 14.7°C and lows of 8.5°C in B269 Botley Hill Farmhouse.

Severe weather information: none.
Gritting route information is available on the Surrey interactive map:
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*Please note that all information on these routes are provided by Highways England and are correct, to our knowledge, at the time of sending this email. For further information, please contact Highways England on 0300 123 5000.

Afternoon Snow Update

We have received a lot of requests for assistance on roads that are not on our priority gritting routes but are experiencing local issues. We have emergency crews out assisting these communities and supporting the work being done by our Boroughs, Districts and Parishes to make these roads passable. The crews are getting round as soon as possible so please be patient.

The forecast for today and tonight is for no more Snow, temperatures are forecast to drop below freezing again this evening, cloud will come in from the north east which will raise the temperature above freezing but will also bring the chance of a rain shower.

Action for tonight we will again be gritting all the priority one routes at 7.00pm.

Sunday Evening Update

Given the further snow we are experiencing this evening (due to stop at 10pm) we have decided to undertake a further treatment of the P1 network at 0400hrs on Monday morning ahead of rush hour.
Although we have undertaken sufficient treatments on the P1 network, the lack of traffic on the roads this evening may mean we see some difficult driving conditions, but the additional treatment before rush hour should help clear this for the Monday commute.
Road temperatures are going to recover quickly, getting up to around 15 degrees tomorrow. This, along with the sun that is forecast should help clear local roads and footways fairly quickly, therefore i don’t believe any further actions will be deemed a requirement, or are necessary. However we will continue to monitor the situation into tomorrow morning.

Morning Snow update

Sorry for the late update

The snow came as promised last night and the west of the county received the most.
Reports came in early this morning about problems on the A31/A331, we mobilised an adhoc gritter at 8.00am to retreat this area. other than that the main roads are coping well.
The road temperatures are already above zero and the  snow is starting to melt.
There is a risk of snow from 6pm this evening and we are going to carry out another 20 grams gritting run on all the P1 routes at 2.00pm
We then continue to monitor the situation and the weather during the day

Evening Gritting Update 17th March

We have had snow across the county during the day but given that the road temperatures have been above freezing during the day the snow is not settling on the roads. Therefore the 4am treatment that was done this morning was sufficient.

There is continued risk of snow during the night and temperatures are due to be -2, a further 20gram treatment of all priority one routes is being done from 7pm this evening. We will continue to monitor the situation during the night and the teams will be on standby to do further treatments if required.

The risk of snow from 6.00am and road temperatures recovering to above zero from 9.00am

Weekend Weather and Snow Update

Weekend Weather and Snow Update.

The Latest forecast from the Met Office is a follows
• A band of snow will move in over the Thames Estuary, then over London and expected to move across Surrey.
• Snowfall expected from 6am Saturday, but heaviest likely to be from 4pm into the evening. It is unclear exactly where the heaviest concentrations will be at this stage.
• Minimum road temperatures is expected to be -2 this will rise during the day and it will be quite warm so expected to thaw quite quickly, and it will not be very heavy so little accumulation is expected. As an example – During the call the Met Office suggested Saturday morning’s snowfall would likely thaw on Saturday PM, and snow falling Saturday PM would be thawed by Sunday PM.

The current plan of action is listed below although we will continue to monitor the situation and react as required.

• All P1s to commence at 0400 hours on Saturday in preparations for the forecast snow (20 grams pre wet)
• P1s will be treated again on Saturday, – a further 20 grams (either at 1400 hours or 1900 hours, depending on accumulations during the day, this will be decided Saturday am)
• Conditions will be monitored after the 4am run on Saturday morning, and a decision can be taken on whether it is necessary to treat the P2s ahead of the afternoon run on Saturday
• All farmers have been emailed to inform them of expected conditions and the actions Kier are taking, so they will be prepared.

Reigate Hill should be open by 20.00hrs

Dear all

The team have worked hard to open Reigate Hill as soon as possible but even with starting at 6.30am that could not finish the work before the evening rush hour.
They are just going through the last checks to make sure the newly laid surface is ready to expect traffic and they will then reopen the road, this is anticipated to be about 8.00pm this evening.
Thank you for your patience during this work