Morning Update 2nd march

The 4am treatment seems to have had good effect with reports from eastern and central parts of the county looking really very good.

The NW area seems to have had it worse, particularly Surrey Heath. We have mobilised an additional gritter following the P1s in this area to do some adhoc ploughing in the areas that need it within Surrey Heath.

No major reports of disruption on the main routes in Waverley and the reports coming back are the P1 routes are passable and no need for further action here.

All P2s have mobilised – more as a precaution for any further snow we may see later today.

We are expecting more snow during the day

Stick to main road where possible, do not use short cuts, even on main roads drive carefully there still may be patches of ice

Again clear you cars of any snow and ice so you have full vision of your surroundings and leave plenty of space to other vehicles.

The hand salting crews have gone out again this morning from 7am to the scouted slippery areas, mostly pavements. The community gangs are also supporting, particularly with clearing drifted snow across the road

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