Surrey invests an additional £5m in highways

We know our road network is underfunded by central government and we have not been able to maintain the roads to the level our residents expect.
The recent rain then followed by the snow and extreme cold has made this worse and we realise that our roads are important to the surrey economy
SCC cabinet has taken the decision to invest an additional £5m in these roads to help reverse the impact of this winter’s weather. This money is additional money and will come from additional borrowing.

This will deliver
33 larger schemes  
            300 smaller schemes
22 miles of surface dressing

This work will be done on the very busy B and C roads that our residents use to go to and from work.

We will talk to local members and our local highways teams to build a picture of where this work will be needed
We must be mindful of work being carried by utility companies and not clogging up our network with roadworks

But this work does need to be done
So our commitment is to:
Start to deliver the smaller schemes from the middle of next month
And the larger schemes from June and July.

In the mean time we will continue to respond to any defects that are reported on our network and although our highways teams and our local councillors are doing their best to identify these defects we are also asking for residents help in reporting these defects, not through any of the third party apps but please use the County system, where you will be able to see if the defect has already been reported.

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