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Highways update

The snow and the extreme cold temperature last week will be a challenge to our network and the highways team. This weather will further damage the network and we will see an increase in reports of defects, the local highways team will do their best to inspect the network but this will be a challenge in a short space of time, so we require your help as local residents and local members, if you see any new defects then please report them on the SCC report site, many of the larger defects will get temporary repairs to meet the response time on these and we will return to carry out a full repair in the coming weeks.

Also much of the schedule work was cancelled last week and this will have a knock on effect to other scheduled works, also some of the teams will be helping on emergency repairs, so I apologise for the cancelations and we will get on top of the schedule as soon as possible.

My colleague Cllr Paul Deach, has created this short video which demonstrates how easy it is to report a defect on the highway.


Last update of the night

HI all

Last update of the day, as I said earlier the crews went out again at 7pm and the forecast now says the snow should have stopped by 8pm.

That’s 3 treatments on P1 (60 grams per square meter in all) and 1 treatment on P2 within the last 24 hours

There is no snow forecast tomorrow and temperatures are due to increase by midday so no action is planned for tomorrow at present.

I am sure you will join me in thanking the crews for working some very long hours especially in the last 48 hours.


Some figures about this weeks work by Kier on behalf of Surrey’s residents

16 treatments this week
2500 tonnes of salt used
37 Priority 1 routes twice a day
3 hours to complete a route
-9 Road surface tempertures
20 gsm prewet salt treatments

Evening Update 2nd march

The crews have been out again from 7pm, they will be re-treating all the P1 routes for the whole county. Some of the main routes the snow has changes to slush, the temperature is due to drop again to about -4 which means this slush is liable to freeze in places so drive with care.

The long term forecast is for rain from either Sunday or Monday and the temp should get above freezing, so hopefully we are near the end of this bad spell.

Evening update 2nd March


Evening update

all drivers were recalled at 2.30pm and were sent back out as they arrived to do all the P1 routes again

The forecast is for snow and freezing rain to come in from the SW. The freezing rain that fell earlier on is now been covered with snow on untreated surfaces so drive carefully.

once the afternoon runs have been completed we will review the evening runs once the vehicles return

Freezing Rain along with the Snow

I am in Merrow at the Kier hub, where the county is monitored for the latest condition The latest forecast is for freezing rain, this is worse than snow. Even if the roads have been treated this will freeze on contact, including on your windscreen. Keep your heater on your windscreen to keep it warm and please drive with extreme care.
The current plan is to go out at 7pm tonight and regret all the P1 but we are monitoring the situation and will react in local areas where needed


Morning Update 2nd march

The 4am treatment seems to have had good effect with reports from eastern and central parts of the county looking really very good.

The NW area seems to have had it worse, particularly Surrey Heath. We have mobilised an additional gritter following the P1s in this area to do some adhoc ploughing in the areas that need it within Surrey Heath.

No major reports of disruption on the main routes in Waverley and the reports coming back are the P1 routes are passable and no need for further action here.

All P2s have mobilised – more as a precaution for any further snow we may see later today.

We are expecting more snow during the day

Stick to main road where possible, do not use short cuts, even on main roads drive carefully there still may be patches of ice

Again clear you cars of any snow and ice so you have full vision of your surroundings and leave plenty of space to other vehicles.

The hand salting crews have gone out again this morning from 7am to the scouted slippery areas, mostly pavements. The community gangs are also supporting, particularly with clearing drifted snow across the road

Further evening update

Feedback from the bagshot drivers is the network in the NW could do with some further attention. We have therefore instructed all P1 routes from Bagshot to reload and go back out as of now to put a further 20 grams down – this covers this will cover North West Surrey (Runnymede, Surrey Heath and Woking).

They will continue as planned on the 4am run also.

evening Update

The met office have issued an amber snow warning covering Surrey which is in place until 8am tomorrow morning. There could be 5-10cm of snow with conditions easing from around midnight. There may be a further band of snow (2-5cm) tomorrow afternoon.
On top of the poor weather, roads in the West of the county are suffering due to a jack knifed lorry on the A3 at the Hindhead tunnel meaning only one lane northbound is currently open. This is having severe impacts in the area including traffic trying to use unsuitable local roads.
What we are doing this evening;
1. A gritter will be available to grit ad hoc sections that are reported to the hub – D/B’s were informed on the telecon to call the hub if they have particular issues. The level of requests will be reviewed and more gritters will be mobilised for ad hoc work if required
2.The P1 western routes of of Bagshot have been treated for a second time this evening due to conditions identified during the afternoon run
3. images from the weather stations have been reviewed and currently the east and north of the county are looking ok, so resources will focus on the West.
4. We still plan to grit all P1’s as planned at 4am
5. Depending on the accumulations overnight, a decision will be taken after the 4am run as to whether we need to plough in the morning

evening update

The P1 routes were treated at 2pm as planned. Light snow is forecast to continue through the night, but considering the treatments we have already taken today we will stick the plan to continue with the P1s again at 4am.

I can confirm we have instructed the P2s across the county to be treated at 0700 hours also.

Finally, I am hearing radio reports that the hogs back, Wrecclesham hill in Farnham, and the meadows roundabout in Camberley are all quite bad. I have therefore mobilised 1x adhoc gritter to immediately leave Merrow and spot treat these areas. I will keep him available for the next few hours to attend any P1 routes that need attention at the direction of our control hub.