Letter from the Leader of Woking Borough Council on the development in our town centre

Find attached a letter from the leader of Woking Borough Council on the development in the town centre.
The government set targets on house building for each borough and district to achieve over a period of time, our current target runs from 2013 to 2027 and averages out at about 292 homes per year.
Woking has had a good record on housing over the last few years,
1065 have been built to date
45% of these are affordable
223 of these have been new council houses.

But this is only a quarter of our target, If we do not meet these targets or have plans in place then a developer can apply to build on any green belt land and even if the planning committee object this will be overturned by the Planning Inspectorate or the Secretary of State. As this has already happened in one borough in Surrey, we need to build homes so we can control where they go.
Many other districts and boroughs have taken the decision to build on green belt and have applications in for anywhere between 1000 and 3000 homes on any one site. We have a choice of where to build them. We can build on green belt adjacent to many of our villages or we can develop our town centre. We have received a very clear message in recent years to avoid large developments on green belt. Building in the town will not take all the housing numbers but it will allow us to have smaller developments in keeping with the local area rather than building whole new large developments, remember this one building is over 50% of one year’s housing numbers.

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