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Town Centre Development

I would like to thank the Horsell Residents Ass for hosting last night’s event, although the power of social media won again and there were people from other areas that attended so the hall was not big enough. As Robin has already mentioned he has requested the event be repeated and possible dates will be looked into next week, this might even be a Woking wide event to be held in the HG Wells.

We received a lot of positive comments following the event and although not all are comfortable with the concept of high rise there was a better understanding by most of what we are trying to achieve for Woking. We are not just dumping high rise buildings in the town centre, we are creating a place for people to live, relax eat and drink, that has a variety of leisure and cultural offers. This will create footfall that will also support the retail section of our town. We are also investing in roads and additional car parking, we are working with partners to offer better health centres and at the same time investing in the protection of our environment.

There are a couple of options on the table, the fact is between 2013 and 2027 we need to deliver almost 5000 new homes, this is equates to 292 per year. This is a fact and no up for debate.


  • This equates to an area the size of Goldsworth Park we could have taken over 10-15% of our green belt and delivered a new estate.
  • We could do higher density developments going up to 8-10 stories in all of our neighbourhoods. Which I believe would destroy their character.

We have made the decision to go with option three.

  • Build 50% of these in small sustainable developments around the borough and build the other 50% in the town centre. But to deliver this amount in the centre means we need to go up. This will use less than 2% of Wokings greenbelt

I will also answer a couple of question that have come up.

  1. Brownfield sites? Many of the major one have been identified and are part of the conversation, many of these are in private ownership but we are working with these owners to bring plans forward for these.
  2. Why is Guildford not doing this, their target is similar to ours, there current population is about 15-20% more than ours but the borough is about 3 times the size of Woking so have more space to play with.

Road Closure on A247 West Clandon

Due to a waterleak on the A247 (The Street) in West Clandon, Affinity Water are going in tomorrow (Saturday 13th October) under emergency powers and closing the road to fix the leak. Surrey officers have been challenged this today, but because the leak is close to the centre of the road they are unable to carry out the repair under two way signals. The only assurance we have been able to gain from them is that subject to any major issues found they will carry out the repairs and reinstate the road within one day.

Diversions will be in place and business will be open as normal.