Message from Cllr Matt Furness on the possibility of snow

Dear All,

As you will be aware, we are expecting snow across the county this evening and overnight. Snow is forecast from 7pm this evening until 7pm tomorrow morning which could result in 5-10cm of snow in the worst hit areas.

Surrey Highways and Kier are well prepared to respond and have been carrying out preparatory action all week with additional gritting being carried out on the P2 network as well as the P1 network.

We will be focussing on keeping the strategic Priority 1 roads gritted and if necessary ploughed. Actions are taking place as follows;

1pm today P1 gritting run
7pm today P1 gritting run
4am Friday P1 gritting run – with ploughs if required

Our network of farmers are also on standby to plough their routes as needed and we will have 8 “hand salting” crews and 4 ad-hoc gritters available tomorrow to respond to areas of concern. If you have areas of concern tomorrow that you think require attention, please can you raise them through your Area Highway Manager who will be able to prioritise resources to the most in need areas.

Even with all this preparation it is expected there will be some hazards and disruption across the network so please take care if you are out travelling during this period.

As always further information on what roads are gritted and other information can be found on the website.

Do let me or your AHM know of any questions or concerns.

Kind regards

Matt Furniss

Cabinet Member for Highways
Surrey County Councillor – Shalford Division

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