Update on Fridays evenings issues caused by the weather in the west of the county

The Gritters were out four times yesterday and four time on Thursday spreading around 1600 tons of grit on Surreys roads. They were also out late evening yesterday in areas that were suffering from the evening snowfall. This grit is not magic and drivers still need to be careful as patches of ice will still form.

There was a coordinated response yesterday evening and all Surrey Services and our partners worked together on the response yesterday evening and met regular through teleconference to set priorities and direction.

The impacts overnight were mainly in the west of the County and specifically Hazelmere, Farnham and Camberley areas as Surrey communities were on the edge of the main weather impacts in Hampshire.

Surrey EMT took part in the Hampshire Teleconference to understand the knock on impacts the M3 closures linked impacts. Our colleagues for the Surrey 4×4 Response Group (Volunteers) did go into Hampshire to assist with the clearing of stranded and stuck motorists, which really helped to recovery the motorway and allow for Highways England to follow up with extensive gritting to allow the Motorway to open.

The ASC Enablement Teams in the area worked through the night to ensure that all those that needed support in their personal care were looked after. EMT provided 4×4 support to them in this. There will be some recovery work to do this morning as some of the team had to leave their cars at clients houses and they will need a bit of time to collect them and get back to normal.

There is other recovery work underway to support Frimley Hospital where, again! The Surrey 4×4 Response Group (volunteers) have stepped up, and are taking patients home who were unable to make the trip yesterday. This is freeing up bed space and Ambulance resource at a difficult time of year for hospitals and helps bring things back to normal for Monday planned treatments and operations.

One thing to be noted, was that residents and communities were doing a lot to help themselves and others, with the use of the grit bins to treat the roads on hills in that area and other activities. We are currently ‘touring’ all the Joint and Local Communities to promote Community Resilience and this is exactly what we mean when we are discussing this important area of the team’s work.

We would like to highlight to you the efforts of both the Surrey 4×4 Responder Group and the colleagues in the ASC Enablement Teams in the Farnham and Hazelmere areas, who did go the extra mile to support residents as a part of what was a wider team effort.

We hope we are past the worst of the current snow, but ice will remain a risk for the next few days.

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