Horsell Village

As part of Surrey County Council’s project Horizon, we have identified some roads within our area that need attentio. This will result in some disruption, which we will do our best to keep to a minimum. With that in mind I have listed below the roads affected and the proposed dates.
To give you some advance warning, I have listed the proposed dates and approximate period of disruption.
The sites that are listed for road closure will not be closed for the whole period listed, but during the period the road is closed access will be available and diversions will be in place. Roads that are being repaired that already have speed humps these will be reinstated.

Bullbeggars Lane, Sythwood to High Street
9th August 2nd September  (Dates to be confirmed)
Traffic Control only

Well Lane between Bullbeggars Lane and Lockfield Drive
10th September – 16th September
Road Closure
Well Lane will have the new cushion speed humps

South Road between High Street and Russell Road
18th September – 23rd September
Road closure

Carthouse Lane and Cobham Road
30th September – 31th October (Dates to be confirmed)
Entire length of Carthouse Road and some work on Chobham Road Juction to sort out the flooding problem  that exists there.
Road closure

8th August – 13th August
Entire length
Road Closure

Triggs Lane
3rd  September – 24th September
Traffic Control

7 responses to “Horsell Village

  1. Would you be kind enough as to inform residents as to when the speed humps in Well Lane are to be addressed, We were told 10th/16th Sept!.
    The heavy goods Lorries remain a major problem for residents with constant foundation vibrations and noise.

    Many Thanks Jeff Wood

    • Hi Mr Wood

      There was a small delay due to the speed humps are being replaced with the new cushion design. This was approved by the local commitee last week and Well Lane in now booked for the 18th – 22nd November.

      The heavey goods lorries can you expand on this a little more or if you would contact me direct i am happy to meet up to discuss the issue.

      Kind regards



        Dear Mr Kemp, thank you for your swift reply, Yes I and several residents would be happy to meet re the serious problem that heavy goods transportation is and continues to effect our properties with these steep road humps within Well Lane.

        My telephone no ***********, I would be happy to meet you at your convenience.

        Regards Jeff Wood

    • Hi Again Mr Wood

      Just to give you an update, I have noticed on the County web site that the date for Well Lane has changed again, I have chased this up and found that the November date should not have been entered because the Horizon team are not in this part of the county. The next time they are in our part of the surrey is February – March. So subject to bad weather I have been assured that Well lane will be done between the 19th and the 25th February 2014.
      Sorry again for giving you bad information

      Kind regards


        Hi Colin, Many thanks re the speed humps update, My apologies for not coming back to you with other residents to discuss the problems they are causing, only we felt it necessary to delay any actions until the new soft speed humps are in place then measure accordingly.

        Thanks again Jeff Wood

  2. Arthurs Bridge Road was due to have road surfacing works last year and this was cancelled a day before work was due to commence. When will this be happening?

    • I have been chasing this since November, after many communications I have now found that power networks have diverted the proposed route of the new mains cable and it will not come along Arthurs Bridge. I have now passed this information to the project horizon team who are working to reschedule the relaying of the road, once I understand the new timetable I will look to see if any temp repairs need to be carried out as I am aware the road condition is very bad.

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